Bodegas Toro Albala

Montilla-Moriles, Andalucia

Toro Albalá is a family winery with a centennial history, where the pass of years and the know-how had the last said. Time, silence, vintage wines that express each harvest’s essence like unique artisanal gems. Nowadays, Antonio Sánchez is the head of the winery, recognized with the best international awards and considered one of the 100 Spanish Gold Wineries.

Bodegas Toro Albalá is inside the P.O.D Montilla-Moriles zone. It’s part of one of the largest Andalusian viticulture zones, which are characterised by the elaboration of fino wines, due to the considerable presence of albariza soils.

One of the main characteristics of this Cordovan region is the cultivation of Pedro Ximénez grape, which is utilised in the elaboration of their dry wines as well as the sweet ones. Since the phylloxera crisis, a new strain of this grape is being used. Its adaptation to the zone’s climate makes it a perfect choice to endure the lack of rain and high temperatures during summer.

The best soils are selected for the cultivation, harvesting and elaborating of our different wines from these small plots. As for the finos, amontillados and Pedro Ximénez sweets (Don PX), it’s strictly compulsory they are from the higher quality zones (Sierra de Montilla and Moriles Altos). The small lands from the Montalbán zone are needed for the raisining of grapes.