Domaine Philippe Gilbert

Menetou-Salon, Loire

Domaine Philippe Gilbert is located in the center of France: the Menetou-Salon vines produce rare wines. Their quality is recognized as one of the most demanding in the Loire. In the Menetou-Salon appellation, in the center of the Loire Valley, on the sedimentary soils of the Kimmeridgian, they produce fresh and elegant wines from pinot noir and sauvignon varietals.

Organic Vineyard Management

Biodynamic Principles


The estate’s history began in 1768, when François Gilbert abandoned his profession – tavern-keeper – to take over his father-in-law’s vineyards. But it was only at the start of the 20th century that the estate’s current configuration was imagined and built by Philippe Gilbert, the forefather of today’s owner.

Winemaking & Terroir

This artisanal work is based on the principles of biodynamic agriculture. Methods recommended by biodynamic agriculture were set up in 2006 on all the property’s 30 hectares. These methods have allowed us to look at the vineyards from a new perspective. Traditionally a wine-growing region since the 11th century, the terroir is located on the marl and limestone of the Kimmeridgian of the Parisian Basin dating from the end of the Jurassic Age. The Kimmeridgian, which is found in Champagne and on the Chablis terroir, ends its “run” a little farther, at the edge of the Reuilly appellation.


A neighbor of Sancerre, close to the Loire Valley, the Menetou-Salon appellation is found north of Borges and covers a modest area of 600 hectares. Menetou-Salon AOC is exclusively planted with pinot noir varietals for the red and rosé, and sauvignon for the white.