Wine Alternatives

Kolonne Null


Their mission is to create the finest non-alcoholic wines.

What makes Kolonne Null so special is that our aim is to bring the characteristics of the growing region, the grape and the winemakers into the bottle, so that we can transparently tell the story of each wine. Closely linked to the highest standards of quality and perfection for the product and for ourselves.

They create their wines in co-production with award-winning family wineries. Working closely in cooperation with the winemakers and taking the time to develop sustainable partnerships to produce the best products together. The requirements of the grapes and the selective process of creating the wines leaves no room for compromise. Their collection includes wines from the Nahe, Mosel, from the Weinviertel, from Provence or from the heart of Spain.

KOLONNE NULL is not limited to one geographical location. They prioritize the quality and relationship with the wineries more than anything else.

Dealcoholization Process

They put the top selected wines through the de-alcoholization process in Berlin at their in-house laboratory. The alcohol is gently removed from these wines by vacuum distillation. The thermal vacuum has the advantage that the alcohol escapes at a low temperature of 30°C. This is immediately followed by aroma recovery to capture the natural aromas from the wine. This preserves the diverse character and overall style of each individual wine. In order to hold higher standards they do not use any artificial flavors or coloring. If needed, they replace the sweetness that is diminished through the de-alcoholization process with a subtle amount of natural sugars. Depending on the variety of wine we will add CO2 to their wines to give it a sparkling character.

In this method, alcohol is gently removed to a maximum residual alcohol content of 0.3%

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