Bioweingut Diwald


Bioweingut Diwald is an organic & biodynamic winemaker in Wagram. The vineyards were converted to organic farming back in 1976. Today, they are considered to be among the founders of Austrian organic wine farming, and pioneers of a movement which has since become indispensable. In 2023, they became members of the Respekt Biodyn association, and have been farming their vineyards accoridng to the principles of biodynamics

Their sheep spend the whole year in their vineyards and help them by acting as natural lawnmowers, providing life-giving compost for their soils. Everything is interconnected. After all, healthy grapes are the fruits of healthy vines and healthy soils.

Their flagship grape varietals are Gruner Veltliner & Riesling. IN addition, they also cultivate rare varietals such as Frühroter Veltliner and Furmint, as well as Zweigelt

Organic Vineyard Management

Biodynamic Principles


They have the fortune of being able to work with outstanding sites, including the single vineyards of Goldberg and Eisenhut, which are both classified as “Erste Lagen“ according to the criteria of the ÖTW classification. Growing in the calcareous loess of the gentle hills of the Wagram area, these sites display a truly unique character which comes through in the unmistakeable, linear and long-ageing wines: nuanced, unique and true to its provenance. Elegant and light-footed. Complex and lively.